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Transportation to the Isands

Blue Star Ferries



Ferryboats to the Greek Islands

The best way to the Greek islands is by ferry boat. They are cheap and relaxing
with restaurants, snack bars and beautiful scenery. The boats to the far Greek islands
like Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos & Kos leave in the evening. With a cabin it's like going to
sleep in a hotel and waking up in a new place. The new ferries are like airplanes on
the sea. You sit in comfortable chairs, they show movies on the TV and there are
snackbars with decent food. Frequency of boats vary from island to island. To get to
the port of Pireaus from Athens take the metro from the stop closest to you (probably
Monastiraki or Omonia) to the last stop: Pireaus. The boats are across the street. There
is a map on the dock that tells you where to find the ferries for each island. If you don't
have a ticket you can buy them at the boat too though if you want a cabin you should get
it in advance. Also if you are traveling to the islands on the days preceding Easter and the
15th of August or any Friday in July and August you should buy your tickets in advance.
The same goes with returning after those dates and on Sundays.

There's a shuttle bus in the harbor that can take you to the further boats. Ferry Schedules
come out in the Kathemerini insert in the International Herald Tribune every day but infortunately
by the time you wake up half of them are gone since the majority leave between 7 and 8am.
Finding reliable ferry info for travel between the islands on the internet is like finding an 8 Karat
diamond in a gum machine. The schedules are changed so often that webmasters have had nervous
breakdowns trying to keep up.

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The Sights on the way to Gythio

Sounds great.

The Peloponnese or Peloponnesus is a large peninsula and region in southern Greece, forming
the part of the country south of the Gulf of Corinth. In ancient time, The Peloponnese played
an important role in the Greek Culture.

So now there are many cities and museums to visit.

Starting from ancient Corinth ,

Corinth Roman Fountain

Corinth Roman Fountain

Corinth Street

Corinth Street

Then to Mycenae and Epidaurus

Lion Gate

Lion Gate

Agamemnon Tomb

Agamemnon Tomb

Ancient Theatre of Epidaures

Ancient Theatre of Epidaures

From there Nafplio , a popular destination among the Athenians, is very close. With the
historical Bourtzi that was turned into a prison during the Ottoman times

Nafplio - Nisaki

Nafplio - Nisaki

The medieval Castle with its 999 steps at the top of the hill. Thankfully you can skip the steps
and drive to the entrance of the Castle.

I think its closed on Sundays.

From Nafplio you are only 2 hours away from Gytheio.

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Day Trip from Athens to the Archealogical Museum of Delphi

One of the most popular and worth visiting, archealogical sights is Delphi.
(2.5 h ~ 180 Km from Athens)

With the temple of Apollo , the theatre and of course the Oracle.



In the archealogical museum of Delphi , one of the most important
museums of Greece, and with only 9 euro (!!) you can see , the history of the
Famous Oracle of Ancient times .


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Dining In Athens

A few fun tips!


I found these tips and i thought it would be fun to share :

For people not familiar with Greek dining, here are some practices one should be aware of:

~ Typically all taxes and service charge are included in the menu pricing. But you may add tips on your own

~ Do not expect sides such as veggies or potato on the entree dish, unless the menu describes them.

~Tap water in Athen restaurants is drinkable, even in small mom & pop places

~ Real local eateries have small interior space, but by dinner time, they add more tables on the sidewalk. Be prepared to dine outdoor in the elements and under street lights. Many outstanding foods are served in minimum decor or ambience

~Local joints seldom take credit card.(!!!)

~When they give you back cash changes, don't be surprised if they round off the dimes/cents and give you more back!


~Plates are not usually used until the main course in served. Guests are expected to share the various dishes in the centre of the table

~Do not be in a hurry to order and eat - meals in Athens should be relaxed, taken leisurely and enjoyed

~Wine glasses are never allowed to become empty and rarely even half full as they are regularly topped up - so it can be difficult to judge how much you have had to drink

~It is often considered rude to refuse to eat something that others consider a delicacy in Athens


~Do not order coffee and sweets at the end of a meal - the taverna owner will be insulted as they prepare food, not coffee

~It is usually permitted to go into the kitchens of Athens tavernas to select dinner and view the preparation, if you so wish

~Tip around a tenth of the bill at tavernas and restaurants in Athens

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Walking Map of Plaka

Plaka is in the heart of Athens where our Hotel and the Acropolis is located

Link for map of Plaka

the taverns

the taverns

plaka by ngt

plaka by ngt

Monastiraki is the shopping district near Plaka




The Parthenon and Acropolis



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